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The idea of Artifical Intelligence can stir up strong feelings, both positive and negative, but there are huge advantages to be gained through the use of the technology by e-commerce businesses. AI can identify hidden relationships that humans can’t, it is data driven with no bias, it can optimise rapidly in real time and can act far faster than any human.

When you consider that customer expectations have never been higher, a tailored experience is expected and speed and ease of use is paramount it’s easy to see how crucial the use of AI can be to the success of an ecommerce business.

It’s all very well creating some generic rules that stores can follow, but personalisation has to work in real time.

PureClarity is a powerful ecommerce personalisation platform that offers a wide of inclusive features allowing you to give your visitors a personalised journey through your website and within email. Typical results are:
• 26.6% increase in revenue
• 71.5% increase in conversions
• 15.6% increase in average order value

The key features of PureClarity are:


PureClarity will deliver the ultimate personalized experience to your visitors and customers with fully automated artificial intelligence-based recommenders located on page and within search. Enrich with targeted promotional and awareness banners with personalized campaigns based on your visitors’ onsite & offsite.


PureClarity enables your clients to present personalised images, carousels, and product recommenders to website visitors based on their onsite behaviours. Enrich the AI with targeted promotional and awareness banners with personalized campaigns based on your visitors’ onsite & offsite behaviour and predictive likes.


Audience Segments are used to present relevant personalized recommendations and targeted images to groups of individuals with similar behaviours and interests. Default segments allow the AI to personalize the experience or create a large range of bespoke segments based on both behavioural and CRM-based conditions.


With PureClarity, you can easily include highly personalized product recommendations within your own email campaigns that you include in emails sent through your email broadcast provider, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor or DotMailer.


In addition to the features highlighted, PureClarity enables your customers to show customer specific pricing and product groups by account. Your customers will only see the products you want them to see in the product listing, merchandising zones and email.


PureClarity collects and analyses onsite and offsite visitor behaviour and interactions on your site. PureClarity’s intuitive reporting dashboard provides in-depth performance metrics in real time, providing all the information you need in order to optimise your client’s personalized campaigns and further increase results.

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