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Specialist Accounting Services for E-commerce Businesses

Here at Elver E-Commerce Accountants, we are in tune with the financial demands, challenges and opportunities that come hand in hand with the ever-evolving E-Commerce landscape. Armed with years of experience, knowledge and expertise, we have the tools needed to help you with all of your E-Commerce accountancy needs so that you can accelerate your business and achieve your goals.

From managing your day to day transactions and finances, including cash flow, income tracking, and ensuring that you are meeting your tax obligations through to streamlining your management information and helping with forecasting and planning, we have you covered.

Whether you sell your products or services via a website, on marketplaces or dropship, we can also help you to measure your overall real-time business performance.

What is E-Commerce Accounting?

E-commerce accounting is the bookkeeping, accounting and taxation compliance process for an e-commerce business, selling products or services over the internet via their own website built on platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce and/or via online market places such as Amazon or eBay.

Our Accounting Services Include:

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E-commerce bookkeeping is more complex than traditional accounting. As specialist e-commerce accountants we understand the processes, the pain points and their solutions.

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Cloud Accounting

We take advantage of the latest technology in order to streamline your accounting, saving you time and money.


Business Advisory

Control of your finances is vital for any business. Our management accounting and forecasting services will help you to manage your business and plan ahead.

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International Trade

Global indirect tax is complex. Our VAT & GST services will help you navigate your way to international expansion.

Ecommerce Businesses we Support

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Amazon Sellers

Shopify Sellers

Ecommerce Sellers

Henry Emson – Loco Sports Limited

Elver E-Commerce Accountants has been the perfect firm for support to my portfolio of E-commerce companies and personal account. Steve’s patience in explaining the use of Xero Accounting Software to help me run my own affairs with his oversight has proven a particularly effective. He is always available on the phone, and no job is too unimportant or menial for him to talk through and assist, often at no additional charge. I would highly recommend his service as both reliable and affordable, with a particularly strong recommendation for small business owners looking for a safe pair of hands.

Susan East – Hammamas UK Limited

I’ve received great service from Steve and The Team at Elver Consultancy. Steve has always been quick to offer a solution and his calm and patient manner never wavers. Steve has enabled me to get the most out of our accounting software and has made life easier and more organised.


Managing Inventory to Improve Cashflow

Managing Inventory to Improve Cashflow

It has always been important for e-commerce businesses to manage their inventory, but Amazon’s change to the way that fees are invoiced, which now include VAT, brings that into even sharper focus. Reducing inventory has a number of...

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Is There VAT on Amazon Prime in the UK?

Is There VAT on Amazon Prime in the UK?

Quite simply, yes. It is subject to the standard rate of VAT of 20%. Can I reclaim VAT on My Amazon Prime Subscription? Since a Prime subscription is subject to VAT, the same criteria would apply that applies to any other business...

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What is Amazon FBA UK?

What is Amazon FBA UK?

FAB stands for “Fulfilment by Amazon”. Using Amazon FBA services enables businesses to store inventory and fulfil orders without having to own/rent their own warehouses and fulfil orders themselves. Amazon seller's responsibilities are to...

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What is e-commerce accounting?

E-commerce accounting is accounting for E-commerce businesses e.g. those that sell on online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay or sell on their own websites. There are two key differences between accounting for other businesses and E-commerce businesses. Firstly, a traditional business typically raises an invoice and receives payment from it’s customer. By contrast, an E-commerce business will receive payouts that could potentially relate to thousands of different orders, each from different customers. Secondly, a small traditional business will typically only be selling to customers within the UK. Whereas for an E-commerce business, it is much easier to start selling internationally and therefore have international VAT and GST obligations. Such obligations require the support of an E-commerce accountant.

What services do we offer?

We can support E-commerce businesses with all their accounting, taxation and bookkeeping needs. Typically we would expect an E-commerce business to need support with annual accounts preparation, corporation tax returns, VAT returns and confirmation statements as a minimum. We also find that because of the additional complexities of E-commerce bookkeeping, many E-commerce business owners prefer to get us to do the bookkeeping too. For those looking to scale their businesses, we offer management accounting and forecasting services. We also offer international VAT and GST services for when you are ready to take your business internationally. To see further details of the services we offer, please head to our E-commerce Accounting Packages page.

What software do we use?

We use Xero for all our E-commerce clients. There are two main reasons behind this. Firstly, we find that Xero has a simple user interface that is easy for business owners to understand. Secondly, Xero has a wide range of apps that it integrates with such as A2X, further enhancing the power of Xero.

When should I appoint an accountant?

The answer to this depends upon your business model. For example, if you are fulfilling from your garage and selling to customers in the UK with sales below £1,000 then you won’t even need to file a tax return. By contrast, a start up that is fulfilling from outside the UK to customers in the UK (a very common scenario for a dropshipper) would need to register for VAT before they can start selling and file VAT returns on a quarterly basis. In this case, you’re likely to want an accountant before you even make your first sale.

Which accounting services do I need?

This depends on your business model. As a minimum you will need an annual tax return (a self assessment tax return if you’re a sole trader or a corporation tax return if you’re set up as a limited company). To see which other services you may need, head to our packages page.

Do you offer Shopify Accounting?

Yes, we can offer a full range of accountancy, taxation and bookkeeping services to support your Shopify business. Click here to read more about our Shopify accounting services.

Why is accounting and bookkeeping important for e-commerce businesses using Shopify?

By maintaining accurate and timely accounting and bookkeeping records, you can ensure you have a good oversight of the performance of your business. It can help drive decision making such as which products to focus on, when to take on additional employees or when to expand to selling to new regions.

How do you do accounting for Shopify businesses?

We recommend that bookkeeping records for a Shopify business are maintained within Xero cloud accounting software. This will integrate with your bank to pull through a live bank statement feed and will also integrate with Shopify. We would recommend integrating Shopify with Xero using our preferred E-commerce accounting app, A2X.

What cloud accounting software works best for Shopify businesses?

We recommend using Xero cloud accounting software for your Shopify business.

What Does a VAT Accountant Do?

A VAT accountant ensures that sellers are complaint with VAT in all the countries in which you hold a VAT registration. This would typically include preparing a draft VAT return from the bookkeeping records of the business. They will then send you a draft VAT return for your review and approval, advising you of how much to pay, how and when. Once you’ve approved your VAT return, they’ll then ensure that the VAT return is submitted to the relevant tax authorities on time.

Accounting for E-Commerce Businesses