Managed & Outsourced Payroll Services

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Payroll Solutions Built for Your Business

Payroll solutions come in a variety of forms and whilst most payroll outsourcing companies will offer similar services, few will come alongside specialist accounting and taxation services specific to e-commerce. Outsourced payroll services generally ensure your employees are paid on time, process employee hours accurately and ensure that all other areas of payroll are taken care of.

Why Outsource Your Payroll?

Outsourced payroll services is an effective solution to managing payroll for your business, and can be a huge time-saving. With regular changes to compliance with things such as Real Time Information (RTI) and tax allowances, managing payroll can be a huge burden.

There are also many complex areas in payroll such as pensions, student loans & income tax to mention just a few. Elver E-Commerce is perfectly equipped to remove these burdens leaving you free to focus your resources elsewhere.

Our Outsourced Payroll Processing Services includes

● Payslips uploaded to a secure employee dashboard with email notifications
● HMRC RTI submissions such as Full Payment Submissions (“FPS”) and Employer Payment Summary (“EPS”)
● Pension scheme provider submissions
● Administration of PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, etc
● Administration of student loans, pension contributions and all attachment orders
● Starter and leaver reporting, P45s
● Benefit in kind reporting, P11ds
● Processing of overtime, commissions and other payments
● Summaries and analysis of staff costs
● Direct integration to accounting software such as Xero
● Easy employee payment solutions through Module

Why Choose Elver E-commerce Payroll Outsourcing Services

Whether you are a large business looking to reduce costs by streamlining staff and outsourcing your payroll or a smaller business without a payroll department, Elver is the perfect fit. We scale our service to suit every client and can manage the payroll smoothly and efficiently, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations, whatever your business needs. We offer value for money and our competitive rates reflect the quality of service you receive from Elver E-Commerce.

Payroll Outsourcing FAQs

1. Do I have to wait until the start of the tax year to move my payroll to start outsourcing?
We will of course guide you on this but the simple answer is no. Elver will collect the year to date information required from either yourselves or your existing provider if applicable but you can move at any time of the year.

2. How long does setting up a new payroll take?
If you have a specific deadline we will work towards it but a general estimate requires 2-3 weeks for a new set-up. This will vary depending on several factors such as the availability of key information, pay frequency and the size of the payroll service you require. Elver appreciates that it’s not always possible to give vast notice but would prefer to take time ensuring the set-up is correct from the start.

3. What happens if the new employee doesn’t have a P45?
The new employee will need to complete a New Starter Checklist instead, which Elver can provide.

4. Which pension providers do you support?
Elver can support any major pension provider. Let us know which provider you want to use and if we don’t already support them, we will contact them to see whether we can adapt our service and set ourselves up to work with them for you.

5. How are requested changes made or mistakes corrected after the payroll has been run?
Payroll is always first reviewed and authorised by the employer before any submissions are made or payslips are generated. Managed payroll helps to reduce the risk of any errors. However, in the event that there are errors, corrections can be made to the submissions and amended payslips can be prepared.

6. How do you send payslips?
Payslips are uploaded to our secure employee dashboard through Brightpay Connect. Each employee will have their own login to access their individual payslips and any other pay-related documents such as P45s or P11ds. The employer will also have their own login to the dashboard where they can access payroll reports and payslips for their employees.

To find out more about how Elver Ecommerce Accounts can help you with your company payroll processing, why not get in touch? Contact the team today for assistance with any service query or to get a no-obligation quote. Call 01942 725419 to arrange an initial free consultation or enquire online.