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Using the latest payment technology and combined with smart and intuitive software, Pleo is a complete out-of-the-box spending solution for businesses. Pleo provides smart company cards to your employees. This way Pleo can automate expense reports and give you full, real-time insight into company spending. Pleo is designed to save you time, reduce your costs and empower your employees – while keeping you in full control.

Pleo helps you and your company to:

  1. Easily delegate company spending Assign Pleo cards, with spending limits, to your

staff, employees and contractors in just a few clicks. Stop the inefficient out-of-pocket payments, petty cash and company card sharing.

  1. Automate all expense report

Automatically match receipts from Pleo cards to the right data, transaction, category and even internal projects. Never file an expense report again.

  1. Control spending in real-time

See all company purchases as they happen, in real-time. Purchases are matched to the right spenders and categories enabling you to never go over budget.

  1. Simplify your bookkeeping

Connect Pleo to your accounting software, or export all your data with just a few clicks. Avoid repetitive work and double entries.

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