(E-co)mmerce Packaging

Looking to improve your eco-friendly credentials?

Wastebased have a range of (e-co)mmerce mailers: home compostable, carbon negative, strong. Waterproof, customisable, reusable and non-toxic.

(e-co)mmerce mailers are just as strong as poly mailers and just as waterproof. But they come with two adhesive strips so you can return online purchases using the same mailer, cutting down on all the waste that this often generates.

They’re also biodegradable, home compostable and carbon negative. That’s because they don’t contain any polyethylene, the plastic that most poly mailers are made from. They’re made with corn starch and a blend of two bioplastics, PLA and PBAT, then they’re printed with non-toxic, water-based inks.

They’re also carbon negative by offsetting 200% of their emissions thanks to its partnership with Mossy Earth, a social enterprise dedicated to plant native trees and foster wildlife in Europe.


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